Reinventing Halloween traditions

People of all ages look forward to Halloween each year because the experience is different for each of them.

As a kid, you trick-or-treat. As you get older, maybe you opt to stay in and watch scary movies or go to parties. As you get older, you take your siblings or kids of your own trick-or-treating.

This year, however, we have been forced to rethink our traditions for this beloved holiday.

Personally, I would be fine curled up in bed with my dog watching scary movies and eating Halloween candy all night! But, if there is one thing we have learned during this pandemic, it is that we cannot only think of ourselves.

Encourage your friends and family to celebrate Halloween safely. This means staying in. As a college student, parties may sound appealing, but they are only unsafe at this time and not worth the risk of spreading COVID-19 further.

The only way to bring the world back to normal is to sacrifice going out and live abnormally for a little while, as inconvenient and frustrating as it is.

There are better, safer ways to celebrate with the ones you love. Host a small gathering, invite a couple of people, and just relax! Take advantage of the fact that you won’t have to get up every couple minutes to pass out candy for one year only.

Embrace the changes that everyone has been protesting and try not to let it ruin your holiday.

Maybe you leave candy outside, maybe you tape it to little socially-distanced stakes in your yard, it is entirely up to you!

But I urge you to stay inside this Halloween and play it safe. If you are feeling unsure about going out, take the safer bet and stay in! Should you choose to trick-or-treat, take the time to look into how to do it safely.

Don’t give in to the peer pressure of being invited out. Never put yourself in an environment where you aren’t comfortable.

Most importantly, have a Happy Halloween!