Remote learning poses challenges

Students all over the United States are dealing with changes as online learning continues to be the new normal for many colleges. Online classes pose many challenges for students. Balancing multiple online classes can add even more stress.

One of the biggest challenges with online learning is studying. Study habits and studying are important, more so with online classes. Online classes are condensed so there is more material to take in at once. Some classes are more difficult in an online format. Students might have to spend more time on that particular subject.

Some students are coping with online learning by taking fewer classes.

“I’m taking two classes and even that can be a struggle to manage sometimes,” Elsi Ramos, JJC student, said.

Managing classes and time can be difficult for many students. A lot of college students are juggling classes and work.

“I set reminders for myself so that’s been helpful,” Ramos said.

Reminders and forming good study habits can lessen stress for students. One technique for studying that is popular is the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique is where one studies for 25 minutes with 5 minutes breaks in between study sessions. This can help students focus on one task instead of getting distracted by other tasks.

When asked if she thought teachers were being fair Ramos commented on how they’ve really stepped up.

“Since going virtual, my professors have been even more amazing. They’re on it when it comes to communication and have been a lot more understanding,” Ramos said.

Students are not the only ones having to adjust to online learning. Teachers are also having to adjust. Some classes are easier to teach in an online format than others. A humanities class is easier to teach online than a science or math class. Math and science are more difficult subjects to begin with because of the content.

As someone taking both math and science classes this semester, it has definitely been harder than I thought. A lot of online classes I’ve taken in the past were self-paced. Working ahead made it easier to manage time. With these classes, it is not self-paced, which makes it stressful at times.

Students have had to adapt to many changes recently because of the pandemic. Readjusting to online learning and keeping up with studying is just one of many new challenges in light of the current situation.