Creativity in the Time of COVID-19: JJC looks for digital art competition submissions

JJC looks for digital art contest submissions 

As with many other programs at JJC, COVID-19 has altered the way different programs on campus will run. One of the biggest transformations has been converting in person events to online events.

This semester the arts department is promoting creative expression through a digital art contest: Creativity in the Time of COVID-19.

Only current students, faculty, and other staff are allowed to submit their works from Oct. 1 through Nov. 23.

Accepted works include, but are not limited to, poetry, prose, photography, music, and art mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.

Prizes include a $100 Amazon gift card for first place, a $75 Amazon gift card for second place, and a $50 Amazon gift card for third place. These will be awarded when winners are announced. Judging occurs the first week in December.

To submit your digital entries go to From there, one will be asked to fill out a form alongside their upload.

This form simply consists of supplying basic personal information, such as one’s name, student ID number, and email address. It asks for the name of the submission and a brief description as well.

Any and all questions can be directed to Amy Chellino, reference librarian, at