COVID-19 reschedules fall sports for spring 2021

JJC has been forced to reschedule the start to many fall and winter sports seasons amid the pandemic, as the sports look to restart in the spring semester.

New guidelines and decisions were made by the NJCAA to postpone men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, wrestling and cheerleading for the safety of everyone.

Women’s volleyball coach Daniel Brown responded to the unusual circumstances.

“It’s a unique adjustment for us,” Brown said. “As much as it may seem an unfortunate situation, it really has helped make us better.”.

JJC President Dr. Judy Mitchell and Athletic Director Gregory Braun have allowed teams to practice while awaiting the start of the season.
In these unusual times, coaches have different approaches to game planning for the upcoming season.

“We are gradually conditioning but putting a lot of emphasis on fundamental skills,” said women’s basketball head coach Shaun Sanderson. “Basketball terminology and team building.”

The overlap of having women’s volleyball and women’s basketball has brought up another issue.

Sophomore Madison Buhr, who was a two-sport athlete last season, playing both basketball and volleyball, is being forced to make a decision. She will still be able to play both, but she will have to make some tough choices.

“We are allowing her to make a decision on what games to play,” Sanderson said. “As coaches, we will be protective and monitor minutes played and practiced.

With not having to worry about a season beginning shortly, players can focus on what they need to do to improve on the court as they get on top of their school work.

Brown said it has been a blessing in some ways.

“This extra time has allowed us to focus on some skill work that I believe could be very beneficial come January,” Brown said.