Wolves baseball team prepares for spring

As the fall semester comes to an end and all 2020 sports seasons have finished, it is time to look ahead to the spring sports for JJC, particularly at Head Coach and Athletic Director Gregory Braun and his baseball team.

Braun’s team’s season last spring was cut short after their Texas tournament due to the pandemic. It opened Braun’s eyes to new goals and team accomplishments for the team’s next season.

“We learned a lot about our team and I was able to see what pieces of the puzzle we have in place for the upcoming season,” Braun said.

Normally the team would have a fall league where they get to play their new freshman and mix the lineups a little, almost as an evaluation for players and coaches to see what they have on the team.

This season, they were limited to only being able to play inter-squad games to make sure they obeyed the safety protocols established by the CDC. The health and safety of each individual remains the number one concern.

“I am very excited to see what we can do on the field,” said Braun. “After last year’s season ended so unexpectedly, we are ready to get back out there and play a full season as a family.”

Braun will be bringing back his same roster from the canceled season last year, as eligibility was granted back a year to those on the roster from last season.

No time table has been set for when the season will start, as many other JJC sports will be starting their season around the same time, but the Wolves will stay ready for when that day comes.

“As for preparing for this unusual season, we will see when time comes,” Braun said. “We are continuing to monitor all the developments daily and as always keeping the safety and health of our student-athletes as our main priority.”