Recognizing mental health

We all know there are numerous stigmas surrounding mental health.

For example, not everyone views going to therapy the same way they would view going to the doctor when something is wrong. This is made abundantly clear with certain insurances not covering mental health expenses, despite it clearly impacting an individual’s health.

It is easy to brush off a stressful day. Many of us would rather just sleep it off than spend time healing the mind.

“It’s amazing to think how much time we spend on our physical health, and how little time we spend on the health of the mind,” Headspace, a meditation app, says.

Meditation is actually an excellent way to ease the mind, whether it be in the morning before you start your day or before you unwind at the end of the night.

It can be extremely difficult to transition from doing homework to laying in bed to watch a movie if your mind is still racing, exhausted. Meditating can serve as a great way to get your mind out of work mode and into relaxation mode.

It is so important to value yourself. However, being self-critical is crucial to a certain extent.

Admitting to yourself when you are wrong or when you have something to work on is a necessary step in self-growth.

However, it is not okay to constantly be down on yourself, which is much easier said than done. Making a list of all the things you like about yourself and are good at can help you shift perspective on those things versus the negative qualities you might obsess about.

Mental health starts with you, but isn’t all about you — the people and environment you surround yourself with play a huge role in your mental state.

People always say that family is family no matter what, but toxicity can exist anywhere, even in one’s own household.

Friendships of ten years can grow toxic, and relationships that have lasted since high school can come to an end sometimes, and that is okay.

Outgrowing people is not something you should hold against yourself.

Spring cleaning, for example, does not just mean getting rid of clothes and unused items. It can also mean distancing yourself from those who are not bringing any joy to your life anymore.

Setting goals is another great motivator. Goals give you something to look forward to, and making a plan makes you feel like you have a purpose.

Making a vision board is a great start!

First, sit down and write out some goals and prioritize. Then, find photos, words, and more from magazines, books, newspapers, etc., and put them all together on your board.

Seeing those things everyday serves as a great reminder that you have ambitions and you can and will get there.

It is essential to be kind to yourself and be your own best friend. Treat yourself like you would your best friend, or treat yourself how you would want to be treated.