Healthy relationships require work

COVID-19 has turned all of our lives around, no questions. It has changed the way we live our daily lives- how we run errands, how we celebrate holidays, etc. It has been suffocating at times and, perhaps, it has even hindered our relationships with ourselves and with those we love.

To avoid relationships becoming a casualty of COVID, remember that distance really does make the heart grow fonder. Not being able to see your significant other as much means more time for you to do what YOU want.

Our individual needs often go unrecognized because we expect others to fulfill those needs instead of looking on the inside.

Communication is important, both with ourselves and with our partners.

It is essential to check in with yourself often, whether that be through journaling or another hobby that brings you peace.

Meditation is great for getting a feel of where your mind is at when things feel extremely stressful and overwhelming.

Healthy relationships with others require healthy individuals, so focus on getting healthy and get comfortable being alone. That way, you will have more to bring to the table with your partner.

When it comes to communicating with your partner, always create a safe space to be honest about your feelings. That all comes from how you approach it, meaning try to be as kind as possible when bringing an issue to your partner’s attention.

People tend to view conflict as being inherently negative, which is not always the case.

One way to view conflict in a relationship is to remember that conflict means you are invested in that relationship.

That is not to say that unkind behavior is warranted, but you likely would not be bothered by something if you did not care about your relationship with this person.

Once you change your mindset about conflict, it may be easier to create an even healthier relationship. Relationships always “could be” better, which means we should never really stop evaluating their dynamics and how happy we are in them.

We should trust our guts when something feels off and try our best to confront those issues head-on, maybe even away from our partners.

This is where it is absolutely necessary to turn to ourselves to ask ourselves the difficult questions. Once we confront uncomfortable situations, they will be less frightening.

Perhaps journaling about the thoughts that linger in your mind can help. Writing is a fantastic way to work through things within your own means and time.

Plus, you can reread it as many times as you want. You may look back and think to yourself, “What the heck was I thinking?” but it can be beneficial to reminisce and understand how you process things.

At the end of the day, maintaining healthy relationships with ourselves and loved ones can be challenging no matter what the state of the world is. But it is always important to be honest with yourself and try to act in accordance with your morals and desires. 2021 is the year to be healthy!