Solar efficiency created at JJC

By Catherine Lobash

Joliet Junior College finished installing a seven acre-plot solar field just north of Centennial Drive. The goal is to provide clean energy to the entire Main Campus.

The completed system is made up of 1.3-megawatts and a total of 3,542 solar panels.

Patrick Van Duyne, senior director of Facility Services, noted that these solar panels will provide Joliet Junior College with economic savings over the coming years.

He mentioned that “the field of solar panels will offset JJC’s purchase of the panels by 22.5 percent.”

“Joliet Junior College anticipates savings of up to $1.6 million dollars over the coming 25 years,” he said.

It was specified by Van Duyne that Dr. Sarode Pundaleeka, a retired Joliet oncologist associated with Sun Large Industries, generously provided Joliet Junior College with these panels for the solar field.

“Because of the donation, the installation has a favorable return on investment,” Van Duyne said.

The panels were installed by Pivot Energy, a Denver-based company wanting to help with the transition to cleaner energy. The company helps develop, finance, build, and manage dollar energy projects around the entire country.

“JJC has been committed to energy savings since the 70s,” Van Duyne said.
This advancement is just one on a list of 50 other implementations made towards energy saving and sustainability since 2000.