Students reflect on 1-year lockdown anniversary

By Jacob Fisher

It’s been over a year since Joliet Junior College went into lockdown and transferred to remote learning.

It’s been a difficult transition, and not everyone has adapted to the fully online curriculum. For months the entire campus was a ghost town, and only recently has it begun to look more lively.

In the past year very few students have been on campus for anything other than books. There’s very few in-person and hybrid classes.

Labs for science classes and hands-on experience in the automotive department are just about the only thing that breathes life into the empty halls of Joliet Junior College.

Students who were attending in-person classes before the lockdown will remember hunting for a parking spot near the entrance to J-building, and driving around looking for a parking spot close to your next class.

Aside from the few cars parked near A and L buildings for office staff and facilities, the few students parked at JJC feels empty and desolate compared to how full it used to be.

“[Misses] in person classes a lot,” and the ability to “talk with classmates, talk with friends in between classes,” Jacob Soper, student, says.

When asked what else he misses about in-person classes, Soper responded that he missed “[sitting] in places between classes, like the bridge, or in the hallways.”

“Going out on your own, you’re going to school; it’s your own time; it’s your own money,” Ashley Harding, student, reminisced. “It’s different from High School in that you meet different people from different areas, and you get to go out into the world and experience it.”

Undoubtedly most of what people miss about Joliet Junior College is the people.

Whether it’s sitting on the Bridge and watching the people go buy, sitting in the hallways doing homework, or talking with friends in between classes. Undoubtedly one of the biggest things that we have lost due to the pandemic is the human connection.