New student trustee appointed

David Lozano, president of Latinos Unidos, has been selected to fill the position of Student Trustee. This position was vacated by Ian Wilkinson, whose term ended at the beginning of the year.

“I wanted to make a bigger impact,” Lozano said. “With this position, I am able to advocate for positive change at a higher level and bring attention to any issues at JJC.”

The Student Trustee is appointed annually and acts as a non-voting member of the Board. It is their job to actively look out for the better interest of the student body.

“Every time something is presented at the Board of Trustees meeting, I always have to think to myself: ‘Will this benefit the students?’” Lozano said.

Lozano will act as the liaison between students and the Board. He will work alongside Student Government to gather feedback on student-related activities and issues.

“It is the Student Trustee’s job to get student input from the student body in order to address any possible problems that can be presented to the Board of Trustees,” Lozano said.

Former Student Trustee Wilkinson used his role to gather feedback on remote learning. His gauging of student reaction helped him to bring concerns for improvement to JJC’s online structure up to the Board.
With his position, Lozano is hoping to assist in advocating for new programs on campus.

“At the moment, a cannabis program is in the works at JJC,” Lozano said. “I hope to work with Student Government and reach out to students to see how much interest there is in this new program.”

With cannabis being legal in the U.S., Lozano believes the program could draw a higher enrollment number as well as give students more opportunities.

He also hopes to “advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion” as well as for “new, creative ways to increase enrollment.”

Lozano’s position as Student Trustee also puts him in a position to speak on behalf of soon-to-be graduates, giving him a chance to bring up issues that impact students even when they are no longer students.

“I also would like to see more programs that work with employers to help guarantee a job after graduation,” Lozano said.

JJC has played a large role in influencing who Lozano is as a person today and “[continues] to grow to be.”

“I have made so many connections with people,” Lozano said. “And have been given many leadership opportunities which have helped me grow as a person.”

The Student Trustee works with the students, for the students. Lozano stresses that he “works to serve and represent” the student body.

“I want them to know that all my decisions and plans are meant to benefit all students,” Lozano said. “At the end of the day, I am a student first. Like everyone else.”

If there is any feedback or issues directly regarding the student body that need to be brought to the Board’s attention, Lozano can be reached at his email