A leader exists in all of us

By Angelo Tufano

When one thinks of leadership, they may only think of a single person leading the march. They may think of one leader who is using their voice alone to make change.

Some often forget that it takes a village to raise a child. That, while it may look like one person is doing all of the work, there are a lot of others behind the scenes helping to make history.

The talents of many different people are also the connection that unites us as a whole. If a single one isn’t there, the chain will break and the whole unit will fall.

These words reign true even more when not only the world, but a school, and a program, face a challenge that causes question and doubt of the future.

In such challenging times, like these where people have lost so much, families have come together to help each other out of dark places. Millions have had to deal with death this past year and, now more than ever, we are relying on the people who are closest to us.

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers have used this time to connect and encourage one another to face life’s obstacles.

Right now, one of the biggest obstacles is acceptance. There has been so much ethical, moral and political turmoil in the past few years, it may be hard to feel accepted.

The thing though is, it is not only the evil that takes a life or changes a life they face, but also the many of things that life brings.

It is during these times when even the angel of death will touch someone many hold dear even a few will see a loved one live in a time where hospice becomes the new norm.

It is during these times when a mother a father as well as a grandparent and even a brother and sister will try their hardest to make the young ones that they love have a moment of happiness even as those who are doing the trying, don’t feel happy at all. As crazy as it sounds, it is not the only thing that will come during the time of darkness.

Students are constantly juggling their social life with their school life. Oftentimes they forget about themselves. Last year was a big year of thinking about others, but now some students are left feeling invalidated.

There are those who keep parts of themselves hidden because of the fear of not being accepted.

Race, gender identity, and sexual orientation are all things that cannot be changed and yet, are continuously debated time and time again. Men and women in power are left to decide the fate of students, a scary idea.

The fear of losing one’s right to freedom and happiness is a real one and a valid one.

No matter how many challenges one face’s during these hard times, together is the only way they will be able to overcome the hardships and the difficulties.

It can be easier to think about how different everyone is or how independent everyone has to be in order to survive, but that is not always the case.

Again, leaders have always had people standing by their side in order to help the movement grow and prosper.

In a world that feels distant, unloving and cold, unity is the only way that progress and change is made.

In a simple place, like school, filled with the differences, unity is everyone has the chance to be a leader.