Changing world offers hope amidst COVID

By Esli Ramos

Change is defined as “the act or instants of making something different.”

That is the one consistency of life. With all that is going on we see the changes happening in our life but feel powerless to do anything.

It was hard enough for us to deal with changes in our own life. Add a pandemic to the mix and now we are dealing with a change that made the entire world stand still.

We all have imagined a pre-COVID world. It was a time where the hallways of schools from preschool to college were full of students. You can see the teachers now as you gather your things from your cubby or locker.

Being in school is more than academic.

Many important lessons have been taught without even cracking open a book; things like honesty, friendship, teamwork, love, fear, success, accomplishment.

Do you remember a time where your favorite concert or sports team would come into town? Remember how it felt to get those tickets, dress in your best outfit and have the time of your life. What made the world worth living in was this sense of belonging.

Being together helps us not feel so alone in this uncertain life.

No words could explain the hardships that we’ve endured. The world changed overnight, from being in school to online learning.

Sports events were canceled, concert halls were vacated and we hid behind our doors peeking out only if we were wearing a mask.

Churches were left without the sound of prayer and thanksgiving. Holidays, and many birthdays, had to be celebrated virtually. It seems as if the only place that humans were allowed to gather was the hospitals. We even had to change the way we grieved our lost loved ones.

COVID took the humanity out of being human. Just when all seems hopeless, we suddenly begin to see change around the corner.

This time however we accept it, some with fear, some with open arms as some of us are considering the covid Vaccinations.

Restaurants are once again opening their doors as the number of COVID cases decrees. Schools are starting to bring back life to the classrooms where teachers can have the freedom to do what they were meant to do.

Slowly we are coming out of our homes to get together once again and experience our connection.

Change may be slow but it looks like we’re going to make it then again, what should I expect? When it comes down to it, we can become some courageous, compassionate, kind, and yes even more considerate people.

We are coming to the end of the school year and a lot of changes are happening. There is a mixture of feelings as some of us are preparing to graduate and some are experiencing college for the first time.

Sometimes life is like a video game and we all are just trying really hard to beat the stages and level up.

Sometimes unexpected boss battles pop up, but there is nothing better than seeing that “accomplishment unlocked” when you beat it.