Students eagerly await summertime

Students eagerly await what summer 2021 has to offer after lockdown forced many plans last year to be shut down as well. While everyone must continue to adhere to CDC guidelines, there is more optimism in the air that normal life will resume again soon.

With the vaccine readily available to almost everyone now, more and more people will be able to gather safely without the worry of spreading the virus so easily.

Granted, masks will still be required, but a piece of fabric should not prevent people from living their best lives this summer.

“Beside work and school I want to spend as much time as I can outside hiking, biking, and playing soccer. My friends and I are making a team and joining a league in Plainfield,” Chris Martinez, student, said.

New experiences, like going to a new place or meeting new people, are good for the soul and are proven to make people happier.

Transfer students look forward to how they’ll spend their summer before starting a whole new education experience.

“This summer I plan on ‘living it up’ as best as I can during a pandemic before I transfer to Columbia. I’ll be going to Disney for the first time in July, so I’m really looking forward to it!” Mariana Musto, sophomore said.

While gaining new experiences is a must, it is also necessary to take some time to relax after a challenging school year.

“I look forward to having a nice break. This year was pretty hard between working and attending school full-time…I want to be able to relax and not stress over deadlines for a bit!” Musto said.

As the college journey progresses, the time passes faster than many can keep up with. Friends stay, friends go, and eventually everyone learns to move on as well, to bigger and better places.

“I actually plan on moving away this summer, leaving my parents’ house and moving to the Peoria area, there’s a great home construction job down there that will hire me,” Ryan Bellas, student, said.

Many students of JJC have their summers planned and packed with fun, despite COVID putting a damper on things. If conditions improve, then there willl be more opportunity for a fun summer.