JJC community creates concert of resilience, hope

By Catherine Lobash

In April, Lori Schahrer, fine arts department chair, put together a concert made by the community, for the community.

A group of amazing Joliet Junior College community members, employees and students put together a beautiful performance showcasing the resilience of our community titled “Reflection of Resilience.”

This online showcase displayed different types of performances from spoken word to instrumental musical performances all surrounding the main theme of looking back on the year 2020.

The concert severed as a way to offer hope as we push forward as a community.

The resilience theme was truly experienced with a group orchestral performance that was to honor the resilience displayed by all the essential workers who stayed diligent to their job during these unprecedented times.

Every performance inspired a sense of hope in me, and I loved every single performance.

The spoken words that were performed were so beautiful and inspiring. The singing performances were magnificent and very lovely to enjoy.

Lastly, every musical performance never ceased to amaze by the talent that was exhibited.

Each musical piece performed was quite amazing. Watching the talent from our community is heartwarming. Each performance was beautiful, and I could not pick a favorite among the many in the showcase.

I believe that every person in the JJC community should take the time to watch the showcase.

The runtime is 40 minutes and is free to watch on YouTube. To access, simply go to jjc.edu/reflections.