Tough losses don’t shake Wolves’ confidence

A record of 18-31 is very deceiving for this Wolves team, a squad that has played a number of tight games this spring.

It is now that time of the season when putting a couple good wins together could get the team going for a possible strong showing in the regional tournament.

“I couldn’t agree more with the fact that our record does not indicate what kind of team we have,” said head coach Gregory Braun. “We have played so many close games, extra inning games, and have been in about 15 of those losses that could have gone our way. But that is baseball.”

After much uncertainty entering this season, the Wolves have come out and played every game until the final pitch.

The team entered the season with a lot of question marks. The Wolves had to adjust to players filling new roles. With such a deep team, Braun needed some time to filter through everyday lineups.

The season has been filled with stretches of multiple losing streaks and come-from-behind wins. He said the attitude from these players has never changed. The desire to show up and win every game has been the same mindset off and on the field.

“The players have been amazing,” Braun said. “We have guys like Jackson Best, Alex Flamm, Doug Loden who are playing many different roles, from outfield to catching to infield, and even on the mound. So, we have played as a team and they have been willing to do what is best for the team.”

The season closes out with the four more games scheduled to play as this story was written, with two games Tuesday, May 4, and two more Wednesday, May 5, the final two homes games of the season.

Currently on a six-game losing streak, it’s a now or never type of mentality to start getting games in the win column.

Players throughout the season, and as of late, have had stretches where hitting the ball has been contagious. On base percentage and runs batted in have made winning games easier, as the scoring has increased. But settling on a lineup took some time.

Making sure those hot players are in the lineup on a night-to-night basis has been tricky for Braun because so many have the ability to play multiple positions.

“In beginning of year, I try and see what everyone can do in each situation, but we are now at the point where all of the players know what role they play, (along with) what piece of this puzzle they fit for the 2021 Wolves,” Braun said.  “Everyone understands that role and is willing to do whatever is best for the team.”