Big bats carry Wolves to winning season

The Wolves’ softball season got off to a quiet start with the team struggling to put together wins, but before knowing it they pulled away in the win column.

Currently sitting with a 24-17 record, with a 12-7 home record, head coach Emily Marino has her team sitting well in the NC4.

It seems as though Marino and her team have had no obstacles as they adjusted to COVID-19 protocols and have played as if it were a normal season.

“We take it one game at a time,” Marino said. “We follow the guidelines and COVID protocols. It has been our new normal.”

The bats have been loud this season for the Wolves, leading them to the majority of their wins. So much so that in a four-game span in the end of March the Wolves put together 71 runs in four games.

These games have led them to back-to-back games where they scored 20 plus runs, leading to two wins.

With four more games to play, the Wolves hope continued aggressive hitting will lead them to wins come regional tournament play.

Marino emphasized the ability of this team to change games in matter of seconds with their bats.

“I would say the way we can hit, there are several players that can change the game with one swing,” Marino said.

The Wolves will finish their regular season with four games this week, two home games against Harper College on Tuesday, May 5, and two away games against Milwaukee Area Technical College on May 6 and Waubonsee Community College on May 8.

The NJCAA Region IV Tournament will begin May 14.