Handling the challenges of change

If you feel overwhelmed by change, you’re among a large piece of the population. Change can feel isolating, infuriating, and seemingly impossible to deal with.
The reality is that change tends to be particularly difficult when you don’t have an understanding of what needs to change, you don’t have the skills or knowledge to change it, or you lack awareness of why the change is actually needed.
For example, the Blazer has had to begin this school year with an entirely new team of staff members. From copy editors to co-editors, we all had to work together to learn the best way to work with each other and change certain things to ensure that the communication is strong.
Change is inevitable in life. Graduating students are certain to experience some changes in life, whether they continue their education or go straight to working, they will encounter changes in the environment and the people around them, as well as changes in scheduling.
Change invites new possibilities, opportunities, and challenges, which can be both exciting and scary. While it is hard to predict and prepare for changes, being able to handle change is a great feature that should not be ignored.
According to indeed.com, effectively enacting change management can help people achieve a common goal and boost the advancement of a group as a whole. It is very important for people to be able to handle change in an effective manner to ensure the change can be implemented efficiently.
Without effective organizational change management, transitions can be rocky and expensive in terms of both time and resources. They can also result in lower morale and competent skill development. Ultimately, a lack of effective change management can lead the organization to fail.
Being able to handle changes early in life can ensure that you will be able to manage larger changes in the future, preparing you for what life brings.

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