Moving forward: coming full circle

My life after high school became an identity crash. I had the choice of being anyone that I got mixed up with how I can be an adult, I found myself on this journey for a while.
You want to make your own decisions and really do not want to listen to the advice from older relatives or friends because you believe you are on your own path towards something.
I worked several jobs after high school, mostly in the restaurant industry. I rose to a general manager from a dishwasher and one day, feeling stuck in Illinois, I decided to head out and go west. I ended up in Colorado for a few years and gained new responsibilities, which typically happens after high school.
I always wanted to go back to school but things didn’t go to plan when I was promoted to general manager. I worked a lot, 60 to 70 hours a week, to the point I really did not want to do much on my days off. I did this for a while until I took a step back into a different position and became a server.
You have one responsibility and over time you gain more. You buy a car and along that, insurance. You get your own place, now you have rent and its utility bills. The responsibilities add up.
You face a lot in the world. The biggest risks you take make you feel great in life. I know when I was on the road leaving for Colorado, I felt sad, but ready to take on new challenges.
When you leave your friends and family, you might have those tough days. When I moved, it took a while to make new friends. You’ll do a lot of things on your own and you need to be able to accept it. Enjoy your company, and when you are with those you love, enjoy their company. I am back in Illinois due to COVID-19. I was one of the restaurant workers that was furloughed, and it brought me and my finances to a mess after the seven months I was at home. I had to come back to Illinois where my mom and sister are and I am now back in the place I wanted to get out of.
I am renewed. I am working towards getting my associates at JJC and then I plan on transferring to a four-year university. I am studying economics and plan to own my own business.

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