Students register for midterms

The 2022 United States Midterm Election will be taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Every seat in the House of Representatives will be up for election as well as 34 seats in the Senate. While midterm elections may not get as much media attention, they are just as important as presidential elections. “The midterm elections are equally important because these are the people we are electing on the local level who have the most direct influence on our lives,” President of JJC Student Government Jazmin Martinez says. The economy, gun policy, abortion, and education are all important issues that will be affected by the upcoming election. Martinez has voted in every primary and general election since she was 18, and believes “voices like mine have been underserved for a while now, and now that I have the right to vote I feel like if I want my voice to be heard in mainstream politics I should use it by voting.” Voting is a free and essential part of the Democratic system in which direct change is seen. Jaleh Sherbini, a JJC professor, tells her students “When you’re voting for your Representatives in Congress, they are the ones who are going to set the stage for everything that comes. The President can only recommend changes to Congress but it’s Congress who decides.” By casting ballots, young Americans can elect whom they want, to make life-changing decisions affecting the Nation. “I see voting as not only a civic duty, but as a way of making my voice heard,” Sherbini says. “I think that If I want to make some changes that would be in my best interest then I should go and vote for the people who will make that difference and will represent me.” Voting in a democratic system of government is crucial for the system to flourish. There is a significant lack of young voters in the United States often due to a lack of knowledge as to how to exercise their right to vote. Online voter registration in Illinois is only available until Oct. 23. If a voter misses the online registration deadline, citizens can register to vote at their polling place with two forms of valid ID. Registering online is suggested to skip registration lines, but a Grace Period is provided to those who have missed the previous deadlines. Information regarding polling place locations can be found at org/polling-place-locator/. Voting is a privilege that many people in other countries do not possess. Take advantage of your voice and let it be heard by casting your vote on Nov. 8, 2022. Before election day, check your voter registration at https:// elections/voter-services/voterlookup/#VoterEligibilityDetail More information about voting can be found here: https://

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