Supreme Court lecture held

JJC students and staff were able to learn more about major Supreme Court cases that took place throughout 2021 and 2022 by attending the JJC Business Department Faculty Lecture Series on Monday, Oct. 3 at noon. The event was hosted by Professor William O’Connor, and students were able to enjoy pizza and refreshments while gaining a more in-depth understanding of significant cases that affect everyday life. Cases discussed in the presentation included: Biden v. Texas; Carson v. Makin; Dobbs v. Jackson; Kennedy v. Bremerton; National Federation of Independent Business v. Department of Labor; N.Y. Rifle Association v. Bruen; and Shurtleff v. Boston. Of these cases, three involved religion: Carson v. Makin, which allowed for state aid for parochial students under the First Amendment; Kennedy v. Bremerton, which decided that a high school must allow a coach to pray with students that voluntarily joined him; and Shurtleff v. Boston, which decided that the city must allow a religious group to fly their flag on a city pole because the same opportunities were being offered to private organizations. Another controversial case that will affect voting is the Dobbs v. Jackson case. The decision of this case to overturn Roe v. Wade reversed the previous decision that the right to abortion was included under one’s right to privacy, and left the practice and legality of abortion up to states. As midterm elections approach, candidates will vocally support or disagree with changes in the law, or controversial topics that will be voted on. It’s important to understand these cases and the precedents of the Supreme Court when cases reverse previous actions, or clarify the protection of individual rights. This allows for better understanding of the candidates you are voting for, and if they support your views and opinions.