Stepping into new age of horror

“The Shining” (1980) by Stanley Kubrick is a bonafide classic, and to this day has a huge impact on not only horror but pop culture, while “Hereditary” (2018) by Ari Aster represents the resurgence of horror, and the new age renaissance that has made horror the genre to watch again. Both are horror movies in two different ways, both use different methods to scare and shock, but the visions shared have a timeless quality that makes these the two finest horror films I have ever seen. What else can be said about “The Shining” that has not been said and documented countless times at this point? The cinematography, the acting, the experimental soundtrack that would become the standard for horror films, everything about this movie is perfect. The Shining does not scare in the typical sense as there are limited “jump-scares” and there are no “ghosts” to blame the mystery on. What makes “The Shining” truly horrifying is the reality of the story, as this does not feel like a story you know can never happen. This film seems to show real people, a real family, descending into madness slowly and silently right in front of our eyes. “Hereditary” is a very recent movie, only four years old currently; however it has all the makings of a classic film. Just as “The Shining” had captivating cinematography, outstanding performances and an eerie story to fit it all into, “Hereditary” is the best example of the new age horror that has had a resurgence with main directors such as Jordan Peele, Ari Aster and Robert Eggers. These directors lead the movement of a new horror movie, one that does not rely on cheap scares, but rather builds a disturbing world for viewers to watch play out. “Hereditary,” in my opinion, does the best job of building a world for these characters’ destruction. A world that is so unbelievable yet starkly real. Movies such as “Midsommar,” “The Witch” and “Get Out” are some of the prime examples of these films that may not make you jump out of your seat but will keep you looking in your backseat for weeks. I picked “Hereditary” over those other great movies just because of personal preference. “Hereditary” has the dark color palette that I love, and Toni Collette gives one of my favorite performances ever. The film is one that truly shocked and horrified me; I’ve seen it four times now, and I must admit I still have a hard time sleeping after every viewing. These two movies are not just the best horror films but two of the best films ever made. They have two very different methods of scaring an audience that I find so captivating that I must watch them repeatedly. Make sure to check these out this Halloween, but take my advice, do not watch these alone in your room with the lights off.

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