Relaxation Room reservations available

The Student Mental Health and Wellness Program at Joliet Junior College has opened a Relaxation Room in Building H (the bridge). The room and all its amenities are available to all students and employees. The purpose of this room is meant to be a space to decompress and relax. Students may or may not benefit from this room. “If they’re going through a crisis or they need to speak to someone, we encourage them to come to our office so they can work with a student wellness advocate who is a licensed therapist,” Jessica Contreras, an advocate in The Student Health and Wellness Program said. In the room, many may find the lack of privacy from the large window on the door a little uncomfortable at first. However, once acclimated and settled into the room, the window builds a peaceful ambiance by providing outside light (the lights inside the room can be dimmed or turned off). The door window offers beautiful views of the sky and trees outside from certain spots in the room. There is a massage chair, reading nook, drawing equipment, computer, therapy light, and much more. While the room offers a liberating experience, there are some rules that must be followed. There is a rule sheet in the room, and the staff of The Student Mental Health and Wellness Program will brief you on these rules if you are to request to use the Relaxation Room. The rules are not restrictive. They are only in place to protect the equipment and furniture in the room, and ensure students are not using the room as a hang-out or study spot. The Student Mental Health and Wellness Program is lenient with this room, so most students will naturally abide by the rules they have implemented naturally and unknowingly. Some students may be put off by the idea of utilizing this room. They may be hesitant to publicly utilize a service offered by The Student Mental Health and Wellness Program due to fear of peer judgment, or they may believe the room is useless. However, the experience of being in the room and embracing its purpose is surprisingly tranquil. Giving this room a try is highly recommended. If a student wishes to reserve the room, they can do so online. For further information and the link to reserve the room contact or call 815.280.2936.

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