‘Lotería’ game celebrates latinx heritage

“¡Lotería!” As Latinx Heritage Month is coming to an end, the Center for Multicultural Access and Success collaborated with the Student Mental Health and Wellness Services to host its own edition of the game Lotería for the very first time. Lotería is a traditional card game that originated from Italy, moved to Spain, then to Mexico, where it became popular. In the 18th century, Loteria was played by only those in the higher class. Since then, the game has been modified as it moved into the modern era. For example, some of the original images were removed for controversial reasons, however it has remained essentially the same playing concept. Lotería is still loved throughout and can be played by anyone. The Loteria event took place on Wednesday, Oct. 12, a day where friends could gather to play a game similar to bingo, win prizes, and vibe to music. Each student picked their own card with a random set of JJC-inspired images with Spanish phrases. After a brief history of the game from Multicultural Pathway Coach Veronica Cabrera, the games commenced. Student Wellness Advocate Jessica Contreras spun an online wheel and called out Spanish phrases on the cards. Some of the students favorite phrases were “el Wiley,” “la graduación” and “el chef.” Contreras made sure that students knew what each Spanish phrase on the image meant by translating. The players then placed a white bean on each image being called. Once a player filled all images on their card, they would shout out “¡lotería!.” Cindy Vasquez-Barrios, the dean of students, came to show support and also shouted “¡lotería!” when she won a round. Students won JCC merch such as T-shirts, mugs, water bottles, Wiley stuffed animals, and more. Then the game would restart. The event went on until no prizes were left. Cabrera hopes that through this event, it brings the “JJC community together and learn how to play one of the most played games in Mexico.” Jazmyn Angelo, the last winner of the day, agreed it was successful. Angelo commented on their favorite moment being: “When everyone got close to winning and got super excited.” Even though not many students could make it, there was a lot of laughing and chattering, and everyone went home with a prize.

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