VR lab opens to students, staff

This April, the JJC Romeoville Campus Virtual Reality Lab and 3D Printing Center opened its doors to students and staff to explore the possibilities of three-dimensional technology. This project is headed by Casey Case, who has ambitions to expand the possibilities of VR in the classroom. “We’re gonna have [the center] open for any student who is just walking by and wants to come to say hi and do virtual reality…students can come to play with their friends and kinda hang out on campus, and learn about this new virtual technology,” Case said. The lab is open for students and staff to try out and test the capabilities and have a safe space to relax and learn. The 3D printing will also allow students to print and create their own materials and objects. ”This lab is honestly a big step forward for JJC in showing their commitment to innovating the education sphere,” Case said. “This lab allows students to explore emerging technologies that will soon be used in many fields our students are soon going into. Most importantly, the lab allows this exploration to happen in a stress-free environment without worrying about typical classroom woes, such as grades.” For inquiries and questions about the Virtual Reality Lab and 3D Printing Center, contact Casey Case at ccase@ jjc.edu.