Spend to support local businesses

Small businesses are the heart of any hometown. They’re rooted in the landscape of a town and grow, giving back vitality and sustenance.
A thriving small business creates local jobs, supports local charities and has a plethora of goods and services to choose from. Supporting these businesses allows a community to thrive.
Small businesses employ nearly half of all United States employees. According to SCORE, small businesses added 466,607 jobs to the economy in 2021.
Locally owned businesses are more likely to recycle their revenue back into the local economy compared to larger companies.
According to the SCORE, small businesses donate on average 250% more to non-profits in our communities, creating a positive cycle of giving back locally.
According to Shopify, large brands have recognized that immersive retail is a winning strategy, but the intimacy of personalized shopping experiences common to small businesses is hard to scale. Many new business owners launch alone and fill every role in the business, including customer service.
Local businesses do not often get as many customers as bigger businesses, but this allows them to build better relationships with their customers, while relationships with larger companies are functionally one-sided.
Shopping with small businesses is also a point of discovery for new or local brands. Where department or chain stores win on volume and price, small businesses shine in diversity, uniqueness and a personal touch.
National Small Business Week is from April 30 to May 6, so take a moment to support a small business and boost the community.