Write For The Blazer

The Joliet Junior College Blazer (The independent student newspaper) is currently looking for amazing people to join our amazing staff and production team.

Do you have an opinion that you want to share? Do you enjoy taking photos? Do you like to write? Do you want to make new friends?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions then writing for the Joliet Junior College Blazer is right for you.



What if I’m not studying journalism?

You don’t have to be studying journalism to write for the Blazer.  In fact, our staff writers are from a diverse set of majors.


What if I have no experience writing for a newspaper?

Anyone regardless of experience can write for the paper. You will learn along the way, and our staff editors will be there to help and guide you as well.


What can I write about?

Good question! We are always open to new ideas and we welcome creativity. We often allow people to choose their own story ideas, within our journalistic parameters, and if you can’t come up with one, our editors suggest ideas for you.


What if I’m not the best writer?

The Blazer is not only for famous authors. (We promise!) Our editors are here to help you write, and writing for the school newspaper will benefit your writing skills. (Not to mention that it will look good when you apply to a university)


Alright, you convinced me, I’m Interested! Where do I sign up!?

We’re glad that you’re interested; you can sign up by applying within our office located in room F-1009 or by contacting our co-editors and sports editor, through the Blazer email. Our preference is that you stop by the office so we can meet you face-to-face.