The Roadhouse Review Mar 27 and Mar 28

Mar 27, 2015:

On Friday night at Skooters Roadhouse the country engine roared to a slow start by no fault of Billy Croft & 5 Alarm.

Croft & 5 Alarm is a band local to Illinois. Members include Billy Croft with Vocals/Acoustic Guitar, Dave Eno on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Chris Plasch, on the Keys/Mandolin/ Acoustic Guitar/Vocals, Lucy Hix Croft singing Vocals, Chris Babb on the Bass, and last but not least their newest member Derrick Martens on the Drums.

What I loved the most about this band was the fact that there were four lead singers. Croft, Eno, Plasch, and Mrs. Hix Croft all took turns singing some of country music’s favorite hits.

It would have been a brutal night for any band playing the bar was beyond dead and the dance floor was practically empty.

But as true professionals would Croft & 5 Alarm didn’t let it kill their vibe. They stayed rockin’ all night long even if there was no one to rock with.

It is a real shame that there were so little people this band produces a marvelous sound that is more than just country it is a sweet vocal blend of rock, southern rock, and classic country which left my ears completely satisfied and dying to hear more.

I loved the dynamic of all the band members together. Their individual talents are amazing but put them together and you can’t tame it.

The coolest part of the night for me was watching lead guitarist Eno play his electric over his head like Hendrix used to do. I have never seen anything like it and I was astonished by his amazing talent.

These guys will play back at Skooters Roadhouse on July 25th and I can guarantee you a good time if you come out and see them.

From their Band site “If you are looking for FUN and have a taste for country music that kicks like moonshine, Billy Croft & The 5 Alarm has got you covered!” And boy they do they deliver!

To find out more about Billy Croft & 5 Alarm visit their band page at:

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Mar 28, 2015:

Saturday night the bar was packed and Trig County was determined to set the barn on fire. They came out blazin’ with a Jason Aldean song and had the body’s moving all night long!

Trig County is a band out of Nashville Tennessee. Members include Braxton Calhoun, Mark Stults, Mark Allee, and Jim Lil.

Trig County is an amazing band to see play live they have this charismatic energy that is addicting as a fan to listen to.

Their energy was off the charts and they would go from country to rock no problem. They really do bridge the gap between the two genera’s.

It was also refreshing to hear some original songs from front man Calhoun.

One I had the pleasure of hearing involved a single line that gave the audience the ability to participate and lets be honesty that is really what all of us want from a great show the chance to feel like you’re a part of the band.

That line went like this “Give me 1 Margarita, and 2 Senoritas.” And was entitled “Panama”. Clearly his night was going to be one that will be unforgettable or wake up not knowing he had the time of his life. Give the song a listen in this preview video below:

Pairing Calhoun and Stults is like mixing peanut butter and jelly they go together so well and the way they play off one another is simply dynamic.

You can tell these guys just love what they do and they certainly do it well.

I could not have been more entertained by this band, between the constant movement of Stults, the high octane energy of Calhoun, the rocking rhythm provided by Alee, and the 90’s honkytonk music provided by Lil they had me in awe all night long.

Another thing I really found refreshing about Trig County was they don’t drink while they perform. As a vocalist I know the cost of drinking on the vocal cords.

But to see a band actually not drink during their performance I really found admirable. They didn’t say the reason why but these guys acted like they were high on life and loving every minute of it with no alcohol needed for a darn good time.

Trig County is another band that frequents Skooters Roadhouse, so be sure to check their site to see where they will be while they are out on tour. I promise you will NOT, I repeat not regret getting out and watching these boys perform their hearts out.

To find out more about Trig County check out their band page at:

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