The Roadhouse Review: Apr 3 and 4

Apr 3, 2015

On Friday night Skooters Roadhouse welcomed David Bradley it was the first time for him in the barn.

Bradley is originally from Newcastle England and moved to Nashville at the age of 30 when he had the opportunity to pursue his career in country music.

Bradley is working on his sophomore release with new music following his first album release of “Movin’ On” and the wide spread success of single and video for “Hard Time Movin’ On.”

The video was then picked up by GAC and CMT and gave him a distinct spot in country music.

His smooth soulful sound is simply phenomenal and had me glued to the front of the stage. His voice reminds me more of a Christian rock vibe with the true soul of a country music legend in the making.

Bradley performs all over the US with acoustic sets and full band productions. Bradley has even been asked to perform and host their international kick-off shows during CMA fest.

Bradley’s reach into country music does not stop when he steps off stage, or leaves a writing session, he even hosts his own radio show, “The David Bradley Show” airs on worldwide internet radio network

Bradley played the majority of his new album release not yet available in the US but after getting a sneak peak and the chance to purchase it at his show I can tell you that it will be worth the wait.

With songs like “Twice” dedicated to his fiancé and his new single “Hush” it is an album I just cannot say yes to loud enough.

I found myself in awe and even in tears during some of the more emotional ballads. Bradley is truly an amazing song writer. His three cords and the truth will leave you breathless and emotionally not only craving more but needing more to fill your hunger.

You need to get out and see him. He performs the type of show that you just want to grab a cold drink sit back and enjoy the ride from the passenger seat while Bradley drives you all around on a wild ride of heart break, love, and joy that can’t compare to anyone else.

To find out more about Bradley visit his Facebook page at:

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Apr 4, 2015:

On Saturday night Skooters roadhouse was in for a rip roaring good time with the Jimmy Sarr band.

Sarr is a local country band that has even reached regional and national levels with certain projects.

They are a high energy Rock infused Country music train that never loses steam. Playing songs by Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean and Toby Keith is their bread and butter really bringing it home to all the fans in the crowd.

They have a variety of voices to be heard other than lead vocalist Sarr, such as a beautifully powerful voice of their bass player and a country twang by lead guitarist there is much to be given by this powerhouse country band.

The party doesn’t stay on stage either Sarr jumps into the crowd at any given moment bring the experience right to the fans.

After seeing these guys perform you will leave wanting more and be eager to see them live again.

So to check out what their schedule is like or to get more info on the band check them out at:

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