Photo of the week: Hannah Wetterich plays piano

In the third floor of the J-Building, one can hear the sounds of pianos, trumpets or trombones.

However, they are only audible in a large room that houses closet-sized (maybe bigger) rooms where music majors can practice their instrument of choice. 

All the rooms even come with their own pianos.

Hannah Wetterich started her first semester as a JJC student and is majoring in music.

Since she was three, Wetterich has practiced and played the piano.

In this week’s photo, Wetterich played “Für Elise,” Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor.

Although she had trouble with the piece, in the beginning, she continued playing and finished all the way through.

Wetterich enjoys performing and practices on the piano at least a few hours each day.