Tuition reimbursement is on the way for JJC students

There may be a check arriving in the mailboxes of many JJC students in the near future.

The check will be part of a rebate given out by the school to refund students the cost of the tuition increase from last semester. This is possible after the school received state funding after a long delay.

Although the details of the rebate are not official yet, student trustee Sante Deserio from Student Government shared some preliminary information.

“The board of trustees, the president’s cabinet and (JJC President) Dr. (Judy) Mitchell are in the last developmental stages of issuing a tuition reimbursement,” Deserio said.

“The final numbers have not been released yet,” he added. “Those would come out in the official announcement from the president’s office.”

Deserio also said that the reimbursement will be in the form of a personal check and will be shipped to the address that students have listed on their registration.

There will also be certain parameters to the rebate, depending on the number of credit hours each student was enrolled in. The amount of money given to students would be a percentage of this tuition.

Much more information will be available once the official announcement is made.

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